Your best solution to a beautiful landscape.

Our Total Care Package gives you the complete maintenance package for your lawn and landscape in a simple weekly payment. Never again will you have to worry about what your lawn or flowerbeds look like, or when you'll get around to fertilizing, or pulling those flowerbed weeds. We take all of that off of your hands, no sweat!


Step 1:

We come to your property to measure, assess concerns.

Step 2:

We work with you to determine a budget for the amount of time required on each week on your property depending on your lawn and landscape's unique needs.

Step 3:

We set up your account and get you on the schedule.

Step 4:

You sit back and enjoy worry free landscape maintenance.

               We set a budgeted amount of time the Agape Lawn Care will work on your property every week. In that time we will do as much as possible each week. Each week we will asses which areas need our attention most and focus on that part of your landscape maintenance. One week we might be trimming your shrubs, the next we might be pulling weeds from the flowerbeds, or we might be installing mulch or fertilizer, or raking leaves.        

         If there is ever anything you want us to focus on then just let us know and we are happy to work on that item when we come. All you pay each week is the agreed upon weekly budget plus any materials (mulch, fertilizer, etc.) which we discuss with you ahead of time.


Total Care Package