The Luxury Package

Your best solution to a beautiful landscape.

Our luxury package gives you the complete maintenance package for your lawn and landscape in a simple weekly payment. Never again will you have to worry about what your lawn or flowerbeds look like, or when you'll get around to fertilizing, or pulling those flowerbed weeds. We take all of that off of your hands, no sweat!

 Weekly Mowing

 Weekly Weeding

                                                             -All Flower Beds
                                                             -All Planters and Containers
                                                             -All Driveway Cracks and Stone Pathways

Twice Yearly Shrub Trimming

Organic Fertilization Schedule

                                                -March - Organic Fertilizer
                                                -May - Organic Fertilizer
                                                -September - Compost Top Dressing (1 bag per 500sq. ft.)
                                                -October - Organic Fertilizer

3x Leaf Raking and Removal